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Product Sourcing

Kosmos Trade is a company that specializes in sourcing and dealing products from low cost countries. We have the extensive experience of overseas sourcing in China, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and North America. Through our worldwide network we can source any product or component for your business at substantially discounted rates.

What we need is an idea of what the item is, an indicator of how many you are looking for, and a target price. We have established excellent working relationships with our suppliers and can guarantee you a fast and professional service.

If you need a simplified process of sourcing products then we can help

How to find the factory that meet your needs

There are four steps in identifying the right factory. First we evaluate who responds in a timely manner and if meets our customer service criteria. Then we collect information and pictures to ensure the factories have the proper equipment and capability to meet your requirements.

Factory audits play also a critical role in the hole process, however this is offered as a stand alone service. We preform a physical walk through factories facilities and determine if they meet your needs. The final step is negotiating a competitive price, this will identify the right factory for sourcing on your behalf.

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We will work for you so as to find the perfect product for your business

What separates us from competition

Through our worldwide network we can literally source anything, simply let us know your requirements and we can guarantee you a fast and professional service.

Some of the benefits of choosing Kosmos Trade as your agent are:


Supply Chain Efficiency


Independent network of trusted partners


Project Management Services


Quality Control

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