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Project Management

At Kosmos Trade, we identify our clients strategic options. We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality, but also maintain complete control and transparency across the process.

Our team will map out a plan including a time-line and we will review the plan together identifying risk levels, lead times and costs associated with every step.

For us refining our management expertise and techniques is an ongoing and iterative process. We are continually growing our skills, and incorporating the benefits of these refinements into future projects.

We structure our programmes to meet your outcomes

Professional Project Management Services

Our project management skills allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively execute a project while at the same time effectively running your day to day business. We offer comprehensive, client focused project management services delivered by senior professionals with a broad range of skills.

Our objective is to work with clients to establish their project brief, timeline, budget and to monitor, manage and troubleshoot throughout the project life cycle. Our extensive knowledge of contractual arrangements enable us rapidly to build teams and control every aspect-quality, cost and delivery.


We are committed for delivering an excellent service to our clients

We apply cost efficient methods

Our services have been developed to meet our clients growing needs by implementing cost efficient methods, create value, minimize risk and develop industry leading processes to optimize projects.


Project Management services include:


Program Management


Contract Management


Financial Management


Risk Management

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